AFL draft: your club’s picks

ADELAIDENo. 13 Daniel Talia (Calder Cannons, 18, 194cm, 89kg)Crisp-marking key forward/back who is calm under pressure but has plenty of intensity. All-Australian under 18.No. 29 Jack Gunston (Sandringham, 18, 191cm, 74kg)Versatile key-position player.No. 45 Sam Shaw (Xavier College, 18, 191cm, 77kg)Versatile tall player whose great pace and agility make him useful all over the ground. Has a nice leap and likes to set up play.No. 61 James Craig (North Adelaide, 18, 195cm, 91kg)Undersized ruckman who has a brilliant leap, takes a good contested mark and plays with lots of energy. All-Australian under-18 player in 2009.No. 74 (promoted rookie) Brodie MartinBRISBANE LIONSNo. 27 Callum Bartlett (Geelong Falcons, 18, 179cm, 75kg).Small but powerful left-footed midfielder with a big burst of speed. Missed 2009 after a knee reconstruction.No. 47 Ryan Harwood (Glenorchy, 18, 184cm, 79kg).A half-back or midfielder who loves a scrap and a hard ball. Uses it smartly when playing at half-back, too. AIS-AFL Academy graduate.No. 73 Jesse O’Brien (North Adelaide, 18, 184cm, 71kg).Dashing midfielder with good awareness.No. 84 Bryce Retzlaff (Labrador, 18).No. 91 Matt Maguire (St Kilda, 25, 192cm, 100kg).Strongly built defender who gets another chance after a wretched run with injury.No. 95 (promoted rookie) Pearce HanleyCARLTONNo. 12 Kane Lucas (East Fremantle, 18, 187cm, 79kg)Midfield accumulator with great agility and endurance.No. 43 Marcus Davies (North Hobart, 18, 187cm, 81kg)Powerful, competitive player who uses the ball well off half-back. Strong-minded and hates being beaten.No. 59 Rohan Kerr (Dandenong Stingrays, 18, 184cm, 80kg)Bustling half-forward who can move into the midfield and make things happen. Skilful, likes to run with the ball.No. 72 (promoted rookie) Sam JacobsNo. 83 (promoted rookie) Aaron JosephCOLLINGWOODNo. 30 Luke Ball (St Kilda, 25, 183cm, 84kg)Highly regarded midfielder who managed to get his wish and get to the Magpies.No. 62 Ben Sinclair (Oakleigh Chargers, 18, 181cm, 69kg)Quick and competitive midfielder.No. 75 Josh Thomas (Broadbeach/Gold Coast U18, 18, 178cm, 70kg)Quick inside midfielder who reads the ball well off hands. Bold and attacking, with sharp foot skills.No. 85 Simon Buckley (Melbourne, 22, 190cm, 90kg)Likes to run and carry the ball.ESSENDONNo. 10 Jake Melksham (Calder Cannons, 18, 182cm, 69kg)Smart, courageous ball-winner who also uses it cleanly on the outside. AIS/AFL Academy graduate.No. 24 Jake Carlisle (Calder Cannons, 18, 196cm, 83kg)Competitive, versatile player who looks good both forward and back and has also played ruck. Loves a contest. Vic Metro under-18 representative in 2009.No. 26 Travis Colyer (Claremont, 18, 175cm, 73kg)Fast, attacking midfielder who loves shooting the ball forward and is always on the move. An All-Australian in 2009.No. 33 Anthony Long (Calder Cannons/St Mary’s NT, 18, 186cm, 70kg)Running, attacking half-back with a good feel for play and the ability to squeeze through traffic. Touch of class. Nephew of Essendon champion Michael Long.FREMANTLENo. 4 Anthony Morabito (Peel Thunder, 18, 190cm, 90kg)Tall, powerful midfield prospect.No. 20 Nathan Fyfe (Claremont, 18, 186cm, 73kg)Strong overhead, reliable goalkicker.No. 36 Joel Houghton (Perth, 18, 194cm, 82kg)Tall forward and accurate shot at goal.No. 48 Jesse Crichton (North Launceston, 18, 183cm, 66kg)Midfielder who finds time and space.No. 49 Dylan Robertson (Dandenong Stingrays, 18, 190cm, 78kg)Running defender who doesn’t panic.No. 52 Justin Bollenhagan (South Adelaide, 17, 183cm, 75kg)Left-footed, smart utility with good pace.No. 68 (pass)No. 79 (promoted rookie) Greg BroughtonGEELONGNo. 17 Daniel Menzel (Central District, 18, 185cm, 77kg)Bouncy defender who likes to attack. Runs all day and can play in various roles.No. 28 Mitchell Duncan (East Perth, 18, 187cm, 82kg)Agile forward who did well for Western Australia in the under-18 championship.No. 40 Allen Christensen (Geelong Falcons, 18, 176cm, 75kg)Smart, inside midfielder who is good around stoppages and can kick clever goals. Vic Country under-18 representative in 2009.No. 42 Nathan Vardy (Gippsland Power, 18, 198cm, 89kg)Agile, co-ordinated ruckman with a good leap. Great hands-up in ruck contests.No. 56 Josh Cowan (North Ballarat, 18, 183cm, 71kgCalm and composed half-back or wingman who likes to run with the ball.No. 65 (Promoted rookie) Jeremy Laidler.HAWTHORNNo. 39 Sam Grimley (Northern Knights, 18, 199cm, 85kg)Ruck or centre half-back.No. 46 Benjamin Stratton (East Perth, 20, 189cm, 82kg)Versatile defender.No. 57 Jordan Williams (Echuca, 18, 184cm, 79kg)Hard-working midfielder who is tough in close.No. 58 Rhan Hooper (Brisbane Lions, 21, 177cm, 76kg)Lightning-quick former Lion.No. 69 Taylor Duryea (Murray Bushrangers, 18, 179cm, 74kg)Quick and agile forward, strong overhead for his size.No. 70 (promoted rookie) Matthew SucklingMELBOURNENo. 1 Tom Scully (Dandenong Stingrays, 18, 182cm, 74kg)A running machine with super-quick hands.No. 2 Jack Trengove (Sturt, 18, 185cm, 82kg)Hard-running, skilful midfielder who has great anticipation and takes a great mark.No. 11 Jordan Gysberts (Eastern Ranges, 18, 188cm, 83kg)Tall inside midfielder who sets up teammates with clean handball.No. 18 Luke Tapscott (North Adelaide, 18, 180cm, 86kg)Powerful midfielder or forward.No. 34 Max Gawn (Sandringham Dragons, 18, 206cm, 97kg)Enormous ruckman who is quite agile.No. 50 Jack Fitzpatrick (Western Jets, 18, 201cm, 85kg)Quick ruckman who can mark, play forward, and will always go again.No. 66 (pass)NORTH MELBOURNENo. 5 Ben Cunnington (Geelong Falcons, 18, 185cm, 84kg)Strong, aggressive onballer who can slip forward and take a good mark.No. 21 Ryan Bastinac (Dandenong Stingrays, 18, 183cm, 74kg)Clever midfielder with great hands.No. 25 Aaron Black (Peel Thunder, 18, 193cm, 78kg)Former basketballer who is quick, nimble and good overhead and at ground level.No. 37 Jamie Macmillan (Oakleigh Chargers, 18, 188cm, 82kg)Running, attacking half-back.No. 41 Ayden Kennedy (Eastern Ranges, 18, 191cm, 79kg)Tall, versatile half-forward or half-back.No. 53 Brayden Norris (Murray Bushrangers, 18, 186cm, 69kg)Half-forward with great endurance.No. 80 (promoted rookie) Cruize GarlettPORT ADELAIDENo. 8 John Butcher (Gippsland Power, 18, 197cm, 87kg)Powerful, fast-leading, pack-marking forward.No. 9 Andrew Moore (Eastern Ranges, 18, 189cm, 86kg)Smart utility with brilliant hands.No. 16 Jasper McMillan-Pittard (Geelong Falcons, 18, 186cm, 71kg)Super-smooth half-back flanker with smarts.No. 88 (promoted rookie) Wade Thompson.RICHMONDNo. 3 Dustin Martin (Bendigo Pioneers, 18, 186cm, 88kg)Strong ball-winner with beautiful foot skills.No. 19 Benjamin Griffiths (Eastern Ranges, 18, 198cm, 99kg)Monster forward who is a strong mark, good at his feet and always looking to involve teammates. Had his shoulder reconstructed just before the draft.No. 35 David Astbury (North Ballarat, 18, 193cm, 79kg)Tall, agile and versatile player who reads the play well, is a safe mark and plays at both ends. Vic Country under-18 representative in 2009.No. 44 Matthew Dea (North Ballarat, 18, 186cm, 83kg)Athletic player with a tremendous leap.No. 51 Troy Taylor (NT Thunder, 18, 189cm, 77kg)One of the most gifted players in the draft. Super-smart forward who can mark overhead and kick goals from nowhere. Clean hands. Could play on a wing.No. 67 Jeromey Webberley (Clarence, 21)Hard-running defender.No. 71 Ben Nason (Central District, 20, 179cm, 72kg)Hard-working midfielder or forward.No. 78 (pass)No. 89 (promoted rookie) Robin NahasNo. 94 (promoted rookie) Andrew BrowneST KILDANo. 32 Nicholas Winmar (Scarborough WA, 18, 190cm, 78kg)Rangy utility who wins plenty of the ball and likes to run with it. Likes to push up from the wing and get the ball forward. Cousin of former Saint Nicky Winmar.No. 60 Jesse Smith (North Melbourne, 23, 191cm, 83kg)Talented but injury-hit during his time with the Roos.No. 64 Adam Pattison (Richmond, 23, 198cm, 97kg)Former Tiger ruckman gets another chance.No. 77 Will Johnson (Sandringham, 20)Defender.No. 87 (promoted rookie) Zac DawsonNo. 93 (promoted rookie) Luke MilesSYDNEYNo. 6 Gary Rohan (Geelong Falcons, 18, 188cm, 82kg)Exciting, extremely fast half-forward or half-back who does the unexpected.No. 14 Lewis Jetta (Swan Districts, 20, 181cm, 69kg)Smart, creative midfielder with breakaway pace. Kicks classy goals and can do the ”impossible”.No. 38 Sam Reid (Murray Bushrangers, 18, 192cm, 84kg)Calm, sensible key forward or back with a burst of pace and a good leap.No. 54 Byron Sumner (Woodville, 18, 174cm, 68kg)Quick, dangerous midfield/small forward.No. 55 Trent Dennis-Lane (Subiaco, 21, 182cm, 74kg)Quick medium or small forward.No. 81 (pass)No. 90 (promoted rookie) Kristin Thornton.WEST COASTNo. 7 Bradley Sheppard (East Fremantle, 18, 186cm, 81kg)A composed, rebounding defender with class.No. 22 Gerrick Weedon (Clontarf College, 18, 186cm, 80kg)A mid-sized forward who takes a strong mark. Works hard to tackle and works hard generally. Smart with good vision when he gets the ball.No. 23 Koby Stevens (Gippsland Power, 18, 187cm, 83kg)Fierce inside midfielder who loves attacking the ball and wearing opponents down with both his mindset and great endurance. Can take a mark. AIS-AFL Academy graduate.WESTERN BULLDOGSNo. 15 Christian Howard (Glenelg, 18, 184cm, 81kg)Midfielder or running half-back with good foot skills.No. 31 Jason Tutt (Ainslie, 18, 176cm, 72kg)Long-kicking defender who likes to run and carry the ball from defence. Quick, with clean skills.No. 63 Lukas Markovic (Eastern Ranges, 20).No. 76 Shane Thorne (Northern Territory, 23).No. 86 (promoted rookie) Liam Picken.No. 92 (promoted rookie) James Mulligan.
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