Stage 3 water restrictions: frequently asked questions

What is Stage 3?The Stage 3 water restrictions will be introduced from 1 January 2010 and will provide customers with greater flexibility for watering of gardens and trees on two days of the week.Garden watering days vary for odd and even numbered houses as follows:Odd numbered houses – Sundays and WednesdaysEven numbered houses (and no numbers) – Saturdays and TuesdaysWatering times and options include:Manual dripper watering system between 6-8am and 8-10pmAutomatic dripper watering system between midnight and 4amHand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle between 6-8am and 7-9pmHow has the Superpipe provided water security for Ballarat and its surrounding areas?Since its completion in May 2008, the Superpipe has been supplying water to Ballarat’s White Swan Reservoir and currently CHW has secured two and a half years of supply for the district.The Ballarat and District water supply system is now providing water security for more than 97,000 people living and working in the Ballarat region and giving businesses the confidence to plan for and invest in the future.How can I water my garden under Stage 3?Under Stage 3 Water Restrictions you are able to choose between watering with a manual drip system, automatic drip system or hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle. Allowed times vary depending on which system you choose to use. You may also use a bucket or a watering can. This way water use can continue to be controlled and used responsibly.Are there specific watering times for residential garden beds and trees?Yes, to continue to use our water wisely, watering times are limited. As stated above watering of gardens and trees is allowed on two days of the week, between the specified hours. Garden watering days vary for odd and even numbered houses as follows:Odd numbered houses – Sundays and WednesdaysEven numbered houses (and no numbers) – Saturdays and TuesdaysWatering of lawns is still not permitted under Stage 3.Can I fill or top a residential swimming pool under the new Stage 3 restrictions?Under Stage 3, water is not permitted to be added to a new residential swimming pool. Existing pools and spas may be topped up but only by means of bucket or watering can filled directly from a tap.Can I wash my car under the Stage 3 restrictions?Water may only be used to clean vehicle windows, mirrors, lights, registration plates and spot removal of corrosive substances and then only by means of a bucket filled directly from a tap. Hoses must NOT be used.Commercial car washes in the region that are using alternative water sources will continue to operate with approval from CHW. There are also a number of water-free car cleaning products that can be used.How is CHW working with the business community?Stage 3 water restrictions allow commercial customers to water their gardens and lawns under the same rules as residential customers.CHW will continue to work with commercial business partners to ensure water conservation practices are implemented and maintained into the future.How will Central Highlands Water monitor the water storage levels?For all our systems, CHW catchment staff undertakes daily monitoring of usage and inflows from all sources. This information is used to regularly update the organisation and the Board to inform all decision making.Based on the recent storage history, we expect that our total water resources will continue to recover as we move forward.How is Central Highlands Water planning for our long-term water future?CHW produced the current Water Supply and Demand Strategy for the Ballarat system in 2006.Due to the ongoing drought and the impacts of climate change, we expect to revisit this plan in 2010 and factor in the success of the Superpipe and other initiatives.In addition to the $200m investment we have made in the last two years for the Superpipe and Ballarat West Groundwater, CHW is continuing to look at a whole range of water resource options in partnership with our key stakeholders. This includes additional reuse opportunities, groundwater investigations and aquifer storage and retrieval projects.A long-term challenge facing Ballarat is growth and we are working with local government to incorporate water sensitive urban design into new developments. We will also continue to work with our residential and business customers to promote and assist with water saving initiatives.What has happened to Project Aquarius?PROJECTaquarius2 has now been launched and consists of a suite of water saving product rebates and services available to all residential customers, which will be progressively rolled out to continue to encourage residents to be water wise and consumption aware.The launch of PROJECTaquarius2 follows the success of Project Aquarius Plus, which saved an estimated 170 million litres of water per year through the refitting of 4600 homes with water and energy efficient devices.Central Highlands Water is looking into additional promotions to benefit the customer under Project Aquarius 2.Source: Central Highlands Water
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